Zaferspor Club was founded in 1954 with the aim of social assistance and the development of a solidarity and cultural values to be passed on to future generations. In 1962, it was registered and started to serve Turkish Football.

Zaferspor started to play in 1978-1979 in Bursa 2nd Amateur League and at the same year won the championship. With this success Zaferspor jumped into the 1st Amateur League. AS Zaferspor passed successful seasons in the 1st Amateur League for years with the reputation of being a fairplay team in the city of Bursa.

Later in 1990-1991 participated in the Dismal Amateur League established in Football Federation of Turkey and passed a successful season. Our team, which has great challenges in amateur leagues between 2000 and 2009, has been successfully fought in the Regional Amateur League since 2009 and fighting for being in 3.League and more.